Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Reading List for Sportswriters

Last week I said I would graciously recommend a reading list for the sportswriters whose work I critiqued (June 28 post). Here it is:

The ‘Packers Literary Corner’ Reading List for July 2006

Voracious reading is essential to developing writing skill. Here are some books to help football writers improve their minds as they await the start of NFL Training Camps:

Because we should always hone our writing Style: The Elements of Style by Strunk & White

Because most great writers are well-grounded in Philosophy: The Packer Way by Ron Wolf

A thorough understanding of History helps us gain valuable perspective: When Pride Still Mattered by David Maraniss

Studying Ancient History helps us piece together fragments from the dim and distant past, so let’s go way, way back in time: The
Detroit Lions’ Championship Years
by Edsel Marinelli

Because we need a wholesome activity for the offseason: The Thrill of Recreational Boating by D. Culpepper (with a foreword by his attorney)

Remember what your high school English teacher said: "Don't neglect the Classics!", so we include: Verily, The Bears Still Sucketh by William Shakespeare

Now, let’s broaden our reading horizons with a moody, existential tale from an up-and-coming
New Orleans author: When Rivers Runs Backwards by Drew Brees

Because well-crafted fiction can take us on a suspenseful thrill ride to places we have never visited before: Over Time by Brian Hill and Dee Power

Finally, let’s visit the New Age/Inspiration shelf at the bookstore: Favre by Brett and Bonita Favre

Happy Reading!

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bob said...

I'd read some articles about "The Detroit Lions’ Championship Years
by Edsel Marinelli". Very interesting. Detroit Lions won the NFL Championship in year in 1935.

Thank for sharing!