Sunday, April 15, 2007

Movie Review: The Godfather of Green Bay

I have a difficult time choosing movies to rent at my local Blockbuster store. These days, Hollywood seems to be making more and more horror films, and not very imaginative ones at that. I don’t like slasher movies, horror flicks or other films that feature excessive blood, violence and gore. Why bother to pay money for such fare, I’ve decided, when if I’m in the mood for something frightening and gory, I can just pop a tape of last year’s Patriots/Packers game into the VCR, or for that matter the 0-26 debacle versus the Bears at home last season. (Just in case you don’t recall, the Packers proudly achieved the “0” that day).

At my house, we turn the lights down low, bring out the popcorn and sit fearfully by the flickering firelight—sometimes having to hide under our official NFL logo Packer fleece blankets, when we can’t stand to watch chilling scenes from:

The Game When the Defense Never Showed Up (a Bob Sanders production)

The Offense that Couldn’t Score... (a McCarthy/Favre co-production, with casting by Ted Thompson)

Given a choice, though, I much prefer to delve into my Video collection and pull out an action-packed movie set in a steamy, tropical locale:

Miami, Nice!

I also enjoy holiday films the whole family can enjoy, such as that recent New Year’s Eve classic:

A Dog Named Rex (nothing in this one to gross you out, man!).

Today’s Movie Review:

Given this shortage of interesting films at the video store, imagine my delight when I happened upon a DVD titled: The Godfather of Green Bay. And on the cover it showed a rugged Wisconsin-type guy in a gold shirt, and the title was printed in green (sort of a pukey green rather than the beautiful hunter green, but still intriguing).

I’ll skip the usual banalities movie reviewers employ, such as a dull recital of the plot, or weird comparisons to other films (it’s Spiderman meets the Exorcist on Titanic!), and skip right to the highlights:

Numerous scenes at a Packer Bar, with authentic Packer fans drinking real alcohol.

Many stirring renditions of the song, THE BEARS SUCK!

Realistic portrayal of the fashion hazards of deer hunting, such as how ridiculous grown men look in orange jackets.

Lovely Lauren Holly’s portrayal of the tall, THIN blonde we always wished we had known in high school in the Midwest.

The glorious scenery of Northeastern Wisconsin in the fall. The cinematographer involved in this somewhat low-budget movie did a great job filming the outdoor scenes.

A heartwarming ending in which the protagonist, an aspiring stand-up comic, gives up the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles to return to Packerland (and mainly to the lovely tall THIN blonde mentioned earlier).

As they say, Behold the Power of Cheese.

The Packers Literary Corner says, The Godfather of Green Bay is a Must See.

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Coby DuBose said...

All that movie needed was a cameo by sexy Rexy Grossman. Maybe he could be fed to the fishes in a thrilling tribute to his Super Bowl performance.

Casey said...

The Godfather of Green Bay eh? Sounds like an interesting movie. Though, I have to admit, the Packers vs Bears game seems like more of a comedy to me. ;)

bob said...

I saw this movie at my local DVD store before, but never try to grab it. After these great explaination from you, i will definitely get it on my next visit.
Thank for sharing!